SASE Rensselaer Mentor Program

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The mentor program, run by the Rensselaer chapter of SASE,
aims to provide academic and professional support for all students, especially freshmen, who are studying at RPI, regardless of ethnicity.
The mentor-mentee relationships formed within the program adhere to the principles of SASE, ensuring that mentees can achieve their full potential with the help of their mentors.


    Our mentor population is a mix of RPI students who are co-term, seniors, juniors, and sophomores. Although we have more mentors whose majors are in engineering, many of the mentors in our program have a solid foundation of the sciences and humanities that complement their engineering expertise.


      This year, the program received over 100 newly accepted freshmen who were interested in becoming mentees. These students span various majors and fields, each with their own distinct backgrounds. Some of the mentees, through their mentors' recommendations, have taken further steps in expressing their interest in the SASE community by taking on executive positions as committee members and freshmen representative.


      The SASE Rensselaer Mentors aim to provide academic and professional support targeted towards freshmen who are studying at RPI. The relationships formed by the mentors and mentees ensure that mentees can achieve their full potential with the help of their mentors.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Is the mentor program free?
      There is no cost in joining the mentor program. Becoming a mentee is open to all incoming first year RPI students. But, there are perks provided to you if you join SASE as a member, see your mentor for more information.
      Is it mandatory to attend events held by SASE?
      No, it is not. Participating in events is all your choice. The point of holding events is to help our SASE mentors and mentees get to know each other better. It's a great way to get involved with SASE but is by no means required.
      What if I don't get along with my mentees/mentors?
      Let the Mentor Program Co-Directors know! This has happened in the past, and it's important to notify the Mentor Program Co-Directors as soon as possible to resolve conflicts
      How much commitment does the program need from me?
      There is no amount of commitment required. The goal of the mentor program is to provide member benefits to freshmen who want to see if SASE is for them. Mentees will get what they put into it.
      Are we allow to be in other mentor programs/organizations alongside SASE?
      Absolutely! What you do in SASE won't impact your standing in other organizations/clubs. Feel free to join as many as you want!


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